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We are actively pursuing opportunities in the following sectors

Construction Industry: Fasteners like screws, bolts, nuts, and anchors are widely used in construction for assembling structural components, attaching fixtures, and securing building materials such as wood, steel, concrete, and drywall.

Electronics and Electrical Equipment: Fasteners are used in the assembly of electronic devices, appliances, and electrical equipment. They help secure circuit boards, panels, casings, and other components. Small screws, nuts, and bolts are commonly used in electronic devices.

Manufacturing and Industrial Equipment: Fasteners are indispensable in manufacturing processes for machinery, equipment, and industrial tools. They are used to join parts, mount components, and ensure the structural integrity of machines. Heavy-duty bolts, studs, and nuts are often employed in industrial applications.

Automotive Sector: Fasteners play a crucial role in vehicle manufacturing, used for assembling engines, chassis, body panels, interiors, and other components. High-strength bolts, nuts, screws, and clips are commonly employed in automotive applications.

Oil and Gas Industry: Fasteners used in the oil and gas sector must withstand high-pressure, corrosive, and extreme temperature environments. They are used in drilling equipment, pipelines, refineries, and offshore platforms.

Medical Equipment and Devices: Fasteners are used in the assembly of medical devices, surgical instruments, and equipment used in healthcare facilities. They must meet strict standards for biocompatibility, sterility, and reliability.